AR Capstone Blog Special Problems in IT read

AR Capstone Blog Special Problems in IT read

AR Capstone Blog Special Problems in IT read

The primary focus in this post is reflecting on the first week of this part of the project. AR Capstone Blog Special Problems in IT read.

Post updated May 3, 2021.

How to produce a special problem project in IT?

This project commenced in 2018.

AR Capstone Blog Special Problems in IT read
AR Capstone Blog Special Problems in IT read Image Instabug

This is related to goals and interests in researching Augmented Reality which requires the completion of a product using core skill learned.

Instructions direct the student to not only contemplate your subject it requires completing a word document titled Preliminary Capstone Project.

The student must decide to create a working title for their individual project. Furthermore, all projects require the final draft and completion.

Finally, the document required an anticipated completion date for faculty review.

Next, write a summary of the proposed project. This was where you have to be specific and detail your plan. Next we look at the samples.

Talk About The Samples

Several samples with full detailed paragraphs were provided.

This was helpful to understand what others have created in the past and use it as a template for my project.

With no project, exactly the same, each has its own unique advantages and challenges for the proposer.

View the Project Workspace here.

One of the samples provided initiated ‘Developing an Interactive website.’

Many of the features were unique to the project and shined some light on how to solve problems in that specific field.

The example would form the core guide to preparing the project for submission. Moreover, asking the right questions gains understanding.

Here are some questions that required an answer.

  • What features to include required some real-time analysis?
  • What business model website to deploy?

A free site to visit, based on ad-based revenues and or add subscription membership for more exclusive material to be added to the website.

  • Could other revenue streams be developed in with the project?

Summary – Results developed

In the end, the project provided material for future clients/students to read and allow for some consulting opportunities.

Furthermore, the project was subject to peer review, other advisors, colleagues, and other audience target audience clients.

Since completing this project an additional website has been developed for Augmented Reality ie.

General consulting website

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