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Augmented Reality Challenges and Technical Problems

Augmented Reality Challenges Use and Technical Problems

Augmented Reality Challenges and Technical Problems


Augment Reality (AR) is a technology that overlays virtual objects into a real environment. The items then appear to co-exist. This post highlights issues regarding Augmented Reality Challenges Include Use and Technical Problems.


Augmented Reality Challenges Use and Technical Problems

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Challenges faced – Interface issues.

One reported challenge is the claim that AR is difficult for students to use in the classroom. Furthermore, this poses the question how effective is AR in the classroom?

Several examples point to poor interfaces in the design of the applications. Adding hints to the interface would help students negotiate the barrier and reduce the ineffective use of time for both students and instructors.

Claim of AR Group Outperformed Web-Based Group

Researchers claim not always proven or are invalid. One example in a literature review demonstrates research is open to manipulation. A pair of researchers used 42 students from a high school to conduct experiments with AR versus students who used Web-based technology.

Augmented Reality Challenges Use and Technical Problems

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They used a constructive approach and anchored instruction. Furthermore, the group was split into a control group and experimental group. Furthermore, several different questions were asked following the lesson and Mann Whitney test resulted in p <.05 in knowledge concepts.

Other claims included AR helped students reach satisfaction in their work over the control group.

However, the experimental group had participant n = 22, ten percent more than the control group. I feel it is safe to conclude that the experiments were skewed in favor of the experimental group through this whole research. The article was published in 2016.

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