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Learning Management Systems Introduction video

Learning Management Systems Introduction video

What is a Learning Management System? This is an introductory video featuring what is an LMS.  Watch Learning Management Systems Introduction video


The second presentation video showcases differences between Learning Management Systems and Learning Content Management Systems.



Understand what is a learning management system with this tutorial video. Learn how LMS software helps instructors and organizations to develop and deliver online courses, as well as track and report the progress of learners. Video explains how online Learning Management System work as a web-based training and learning platform to provide a complete e-learning solution to companies as well as educational institutions. Learning Management System allows instructors to create, administer and deliver online courses and assessments to learners. Using a LMS Software learners can self-register and log in to take courses and assessments, at anytime and from any device via the web.

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Learning Management system vs Learning Content Management System

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