Windows 11 Change These Settings watch

Windows 11 Change These Settings watch

If you are looking for a clear smart production presentation on Windows 11 Change These Settings watch

Leila Gharani presents a tutorial video aimed at any age group who has issues with privacy settings set by the operating system corporation. This is a snapshot review of the media and notes provided within the presentation.

She walks the viewer through several steps that are easy to follow to help you keep your information private and speed up the start-up. I found her information helpful when diagnosing issues with a client’s recent installation of the system. Not everyone covers all aspects of their time.

This video is highly recommended for this audience. You can read other comments below.

Time Duration 6:31 and it is action-packed from the start!

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1 year ago This was surprisingly helpful. Usually these types of videos suggest things that are very obvious or things that would cause more problems than they solve. Your tips are clear, direct, and most of all, useful. Plus bonus points for not having a long boring intro but actually getting to the point.

Dave Rhoden

2 months ago (edited) Definitely one of the best Windows 11 Tutorials I’ve seen, clearly demonstrated and spoken at a reasonable speed, rather than gabbled at 100 mph like many others, even we Silver Surfers can understand. Many Thanks!

Any Body

899,159 views Jan 6, 2022 #windows11#windows In this video I’ll share some default settings for Windows 11 that you should change right now. These will have an impact on your privacy and improve the overall experience with Microsoft Windows 11. My Online Excel Courses ►

00:00 Change These Windows 11 Settings Right Away 00:26 Recommended Items 01:13 Notifications and Ads 01:52 Privacy 02:53 App Permissions 03:49 Block Apps 04:24 Startup Apps 05:06 Sign In With Local Account 06:00 Wrap Up

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