Full Course Review Augmented Reality Tutorial

Full Course Review Augmented Reality Tutorial

Over 11 hours of learning in this Full Course Review Augmented Reality Tutorial

Here is a snapshot review in part of this Full Course Review Augmented Reality Tutorial.

Full Course Review Augmented Reality Tutorial
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What is Covered

Theory and practical information included

Applications included AR mobile, AR Filters

Fundamentals included XR, Unity Engine, C# coding, Markerbased development, and filtering.

The curriculum and full course timeline are included in the notes outlined below.

Overall comments Full Course Review Augmented Reality Tutorial

This extensive tutorial has depth in learning several subjects with actual projects. With over 10,000 likes and over 410k views at the date of this post. It is not possible to know how many YT users completed the whole course. Only the originator would have access to that information. Regardless the information showcases the Indian lead in this field of expertise and the willingness to share for free is outstanding.

We do not own the rights to this production and our review is based on information published and random commentary from users. You need to conduct your own research including if suitable to your learning style and personal preferences. Full Course Review Augmented Reality Tutorial.

You will be directed to YT to watch the course and ads etc.

YT Commentary sample

8 months ago Amazing work. You have done a great job by making the knowledge available without any price. Hope more and more experts share their knowledge in this manner and set the Indian Education system free from political clutches. Doctors, Engineers, and Healthcare experts can do this with the help of augmented reality.


Learn about Extended Reality / Augmented Reality from both a theoretical and practical perspective in this full course for beginners. Learn to develop AR mobile applications and AR Filters for Instagram and Facebook from scratch. Learn concepts from scratch such as XR Fundamentals, Unity Engine, C#, Markerbased AR Development, and AR Filter development.

Course from Priyanshu Bhattaharjee.

Check out his channel: / codedrealityxr Course Website: https://arcourse.netlify.app/ Syllabus: https://arcourse.netlify.app/pages/sy… Lecture Materials: https://arcourse.netlify.app/pages/ma… Code Project 1: AR Car Customizer: https://github.com/Priyanshu-CODERX/A… Project 2: AR Business Card: https://github.com/Priyanshu-CODERX/A… Project 3: AR Encyclopedia: https://github.com/Priyanshu-CODERX/A…

Course Contents (00:00:00) Course Introduction (00:03:44) 1.0 Introduction to XR (00:37:00) 2.0 Installing Unity (00:45:31) 2.1 Unity Tutorial (01:51:48) 3.1 Intro to C# (02:10:02) 3.2 Comments, Variables, Data Types _ Type Casting (03:24:32) 3.3 Operators (04:12:28) 3.4 Conditionals (04:45:42) 3.5 Loops (05:20:39) 3.6 Arrays (05:43:35) 3.7 Functions (05:58:45) 3.8 Classes and Objects (06:26:21) 4.1 Marker Based Augmented Reality in Depth (06:57:32) 4.2 Setting up Vuforia and developing our first Vuforia App (07:26:17) 4.3 Free Resources (07:33:58) 4.4 Multiple Target Tracking (07:45:33) 4.5 Virtual Buttons (08:18:45) 4.6 AR Video Playback (08:33:06) 5.1 Project 1 AR Car Customizer (09:01:49) 5.2 Project 2 AR Business Card (09:46:48) 5.3 Project 3 AR Encyclopedia (10:45:07) 6.1 Introduction to Spark AR (10:57:52) 6.2 Face Tracker and Face Mesh (11:08:10) 6.3 Head Occluder (11:19:25)

Final Project Thanks to our Champion and Sponsor supporters: Raymond Odero Agustín Kussrow aldo ferretti Otis Morgan DeezMaster — Learn to code for free and get a developer job: https://www.freecodecamp.org

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Full Course Review Augmented Reality Tutorial

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