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AR Capstone Blog Post Where To Start read

AR Capstone Blog Post Where To Start read

AR Capstone Blog Post Where To Start read

Greetings, this is a post to reflect on the first week of the final semester in college. I want to be clear from the start, this is a personal piece and is for archival purposes, as well as some fun. AR Capstone Blog Post Where To Start read

There are only three of us working both CSM 582 and 583 this semester. My heart goes out to my two other classmates. It is a challenge, to say the least. Furthermore, combining the six credit hours into the final semester enables us to simply focus on two aspects, both related to the goal, the project and graduating. So what did I complete?

AR Capstone Blog Post Where To Start read

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Both short weeks and the workload was reading the lesson plans, syllabus. By this stage, we should have our mind set on our own project and product. Mine is Augmented Reality in Education. This is open to any training whether it is in corporate, non-profits or our schools.

582 – Non-Thesis Research creates a Literature Review on the subject and the goal is to submit it to a journal for their consideration.

Read and familiarize myself with all the material and have my subject in mind. Look into the databases as suggested and find two articles. Done.

Read two articles in the field chosen, then complete my understanding of Literature Reviews I and plan to respond to ‘Quotes and Citations’

583 – Special Problems creates the product, this case a website with resources for an audience.

At the same time, contemplate which media and scope are suitable for this project. I chose a website plus other tools. More to come about this in future posts. Furthermore, One strong suggestion included in the notes was to maintain your devices and data. I have implemented automatic backup of all data to my Google Drive account.  Well, that is three hundred words for this initial post. Keep reading this blog to learn more.


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