Use Both Sides of Your Brain Book Critique

Use Both Sides of Your Brain Book Critique

Use Both Sides of Your Brain Book Critique



Summary: Use Both Sides of Your Brain by Tony Buzan published by Penguin Group, Toronto Canada in 1974. Use Both Sides of Your Brain Book Critique. Shows concrete, step-by-step exercises for discovering the powers of the long-neglected right side of the brain–while at the same time using, even more effectively, the powers of the left side.

Use Both Sides of Your Brain Book Critique

Use Both Sides of Your Brain Book Critique

The author writes from an authoritative perspective and provides examples with personal note positions throughout each chapter. The author’s training has been used to advise top and middle management executives of such corporations as IBM and Mobil. His techniques were included in a 10 part BBC series called Use Your Head. He has written five books in total including this book specializing in mind and memory genre.

The author’s main purpose is to offer steps for you to be more successful in your studying and everyday life. They are trying to prescribe different ideas and techniques with examples for you to carry out on a day-to-day basis. As the author points out in his introduction each chapter deals with different aspect of your brains functioning. The fifth chapter explains how you can improve memory both during and after learning with special systems introduced for the perfection of memorization of listed terms. The final chapter summarizes the gigantic leaps made in the last 15 years (at the time of writing), the reader can learn how take new directions for the future. I believe he is trying to prescribe that this book will release new ideas from within to be used in study and work. With personal note taking opportunities inside the book and applications I believe he will lead me to accomplish better thinking and use of both sides of my brain.

My personal response to this reading is that it provides in-depth easy-to-read, good layout for use in personal and business understanding the differences between the left and right side brain function. The two areas that of particular interest to me include: “How the Human Brain has been Reined In and Memory”. This is a book that you can refer to as often as you need. In the section 6 mind maps introduction he introduces the overview of an exercise in discussion, use of keywords recall and creative multi-coordinated nature of words and keyword versus standard notes which I found very interesting and need to reread again.

My overall evaluation of the reading is that it hits two important functions of how to read faster and more effectively and how to study more efficiently and increase overall memory which is core to learning. By adding personal lights and applications to each of these subjects in the chapters gives the reader a great resource to use on a daily basis.

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