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Review ‘Top 4 IT Skills – Basic Things You Should Know’

Review 'Top 4 IT Skills - Basic Things You Should Know'

Review ‘Top 4 IT Skills – Basic Things You Should Know’

This is our review of the following media presentation in Information Technology. Review ‘Top 4 IT Skills – Basic Things You Should Know’

By watching this video and our review you should learn problem solving in IT is not the sole realm of the professionals.

Any worker can become their own troubleshooter by using the basics outlined in this video presentation.


Here is an example of claims made by an IT Solutions company based in the United States.


Do you know what to do if your copier screen starts popping up with error messages?

Let us help you with a few tips to help you be well-equipped in the digital age.

In this video we go over:

00:00 Intro

00:58 Finding answers through search engines

02:28 Rundown of common cables

03:08 Basic IT terms

04:28 Online safety


A little information about the producer

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With one company offering many solutions we have the expertise and experience that’ll make the IT that supports your business run like a finely-tuned machine.

We’ve built our business by focusing on discovering the needs of our customers and then delivering the right technology tool that meets that need.

Review 'Top 4 IT Skills - Basic Things You Should Know'


This is a carefully crafted short video presentation with a message to viewers to use higher level of thinking to solve work problems.

Often relying on other IT professionals to solve all problems takes time as mentioned in the video.


As suggested using search engines to conduct initial troubleshooting will likely resolve the issue quicker in many instances. Not all.

People behaviors are often an issue and taking the lead to understand the error code message will help diagnose the issue.

Cables, terms, and safety issues are well covered in the video.

Ask yourself do you lead or do you follow? Engage your higher level of thinking and show your value to others in your work or community.

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