Review Hyper-Learning Leadership Motivation read

Review Hyper-Learning Leadership Motivation read

Review Hyper-Learning Leadership Motivation Training


A review into leadership, motivation, training and work place culture. Review Hyper-Learning Leadership Motivation read.

Review Hyper-Learning Leadership Motivation read
Review Hyper-Learning Leadership Motivation read


The book author describes useful techniques to become flexible and adapt to many kinds of environment.

 Hyper-Learning by Edward D. Hess

Hyper-Learning is the workplace culture, leadership training, and leadership book that shares essential tips to adopt any environment.

Edward D. Hess is the author of this terrific book. It is a remarkable guide to open your mind towards new ways of working, leading, and living your life.

Think about all your challenges and ways to change outcomes.

Life is full of challenges and you have to optimize yourself to accomplish any type of change.

The author’s goal with this book is to help you.

This guide will help you in both personal and professional life.

What about the struggles?

It is a digital race in which you have to struggle a lot and give your 100% to accomplish your goals.




Update yourself in technology and handling people around you.

Yes technology changes rapidly and you as a leader need to adapt to survive at work.

Learn how to make yourself flexible enough to fit into a variety of situations.

Yes, flexibility is key to handle changing events.

What is the best way to negotiate with your colleagues and get everything done?

Everything maybe an overstatement in this quoted piece.

How to deal with your boss and how to pursue him for the things that are hard to believe.

Dealing with a boss can be a challenge…not sure what the last claim means.

This follows a new way of learning that will guide people to adopt a new environment without any headache.

Adapt to change…without any headache. A big claim.

Become the boss of your colleagues and no need to get tense and stress in the new environment.

Leadership is being allowed to point in enabling stressors….like deadlines, absences or other issues.

There are practical tools and strategies that guide the reader step by step to accomplish all of your goals.

Show me an example or two to back up your claims.


Review Motivation and Learning Strategies for College

Gary Norman

I graduated with Masters’ Degree in Technology and Human Environments in May 2018.

“I Write to discover what I know”- Flannery O’Connor

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