Developing the Game Idea Outline read

Developing the Game Idea Outline read

Developing the Game Idea Outline read

Here is a brief outline to use in preparing and Developing the Game Idea Outline read.

This is not an exhaustive outline and may help you form your ideas to prepare a game document.

Developing the Game Idea Outline read
Developing the Game Idea Outline read

The name of my game is: Insert details

Game genre

Role-playing game type, characters have skills and abilities represented by statistics. Gameplay involves the character(s) insert your information. Appropriate move in each situation enables the player to progress through the game world.

The aim of my game is

Allows the player to – insert details.

Levels design for games

The main objectives include – insert details.

Escalating the gameplay is to be achieved through different mechanics or challenges.

Is your game single player or multi-player?

Primarily a single player, other players could play an alternate character(s) insert details.

This is how you play my game.

By defining the different ways the player can interact with the game world. Add details.

Diagrams of controls.

Insert details

Rest Stations

Insert details

List of controls.

Keyboard special keys, or Gaming pad, or device, to detect player action. Moving left to right, standing, kneeling, ducking, jumping, spinning, thrusting weapon of choice towards an enemy.

This is the story that surrounds my game.

Insert details.

My game is special because the player must train his character in

Insert details.

My game features

Our game features insert.

What is the story?

The game tells the story of how – insert details.

Marlee York

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