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Data Visualization: Part 1: Statistics video #5 watch

Data Visualization: Part 1: Statistics video #5 watch


In this recently released video from Crash Course, you will learn about categorical and quantitative data. How do we best understand data? Data Visualization: Part 1: Statistics video #5 watch.

Break out your pies, bars, and histograms!

Duration: About 10 minutes.

Source: Crash Course YT channel

Today we’re going to start our two-part unit on data visualization. Up to this point we’ve discussed raw data – which are just numbers – but usually it’s much more useful to represent this information with charts and graphs.

There are two types of data we encounter, categorical and quantitative data, and they likewise require different types of visualizations. Today we’ll focus on bar charts, pie charts, pictographs, and histograms and show you what they can and cannot tell us about their underlying data as well as some of the ways they can be misused to misinform.

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