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Creating A Multimedia Project: Web Site read

Creating A Multimedia Project: Web Site read

You have been given the task of creating a multimedia project that will demonstrate features of your company’s new product or service. Creating A Multimedia Project: Web Site read.

This is a practical exercise in creating a web site.

Moreover, the content is limited to be brief. Feel free to add any particular creative ideas you may consider.

Creating A Multimedia Project: Web Site Project End User View
Creating A Multimedia Project: Web Site

The presentation should highlight three key features of the new product or service.

End users will view the multimedia project on the company’s web site.

Consequently, the tools used for the multimedia project are completely at your discretion.

Your task is to determine the best solution for your new offering and your audience.

Consider you have a nearly unlimited budget – what would you do?

Develop a basic plan for the creation of the project. The plan should include:

  1. A diagram showing the basic flow of the multimedia project as the end user views it
    1. “SmartArt” from the Insert menu in MS Word works well
  2. A list of hardware and software that will be required
    1. HD Video?
    2. Web authoring tools?
    3. Autodesk Maya?
    4. Camtasia?
  3. A list of skills that will be required
    1. Models?
    2. Photographing?
    3. Professional voice overs?
  4. Estimated time to complete the multimedia project

One tool suggested for video editing, recording isCamtasia Software

Write your plan and submit it for a grade.

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