Best Practices Online Teaching Training

Best Practices in Online Teaching Training

Best Practices in Online Teaching Training

Best practices such as teacher presence, timely teacher feedback, varied assessments, collaborative work, etc. do have an impact on online teaching and learning. Best Practices in Online Teaching Training.

Here is a snapshot of areas you can research or use our guide below.

Best Practices Online Teaching Training
Best Practices Online Teaching Training

Five main areas include the following

  • authentic and relevant course materials that connect to the practice
  • use of multimedia resources,
  • student creation of digital content individually and collaboratively,
  • students’ reflection on learning, and
  • instructor’s explanation of the purpose of activities, technologies, and assessments in the online course.

Expert online instructors are experienced and comfortable leading the online environment, drawing on a wide range of strategies, willing to learn,
use data, analytics, and engaging in continuous improvement.

Instructors need to be intentional in creating and selecting digital resources according to their learning purpose, such as information display, presentation, practice, conceptual representation, or data display – Churchill, 2017b

Many training groups and educational organizations provide their trainers and/or instructors with their specific checklist to follow for best practices for online teaching.

Furthermore, these best checklists apply to different aspects of online teaching such as best practices as related to course design, feedback and grading, student to student and student to instructor interactions, collaborative activities, effective use of technology, etc.

You will see examples in the following rubric. Best Practices in Online Teaching Training.

qm-rubric-standards rubric 1

Remember, the shift to online learning can pose enormous challenges for first-time users. Use a specific learning management system such as Blackboard.

Moreover, make the online learning experience positive. Follow the best practices provided by your organization or research for more information.

Best Practices in Online Teaching Training

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