Adult Worksheet Guide Handout Worksheet

Adult Worksheet Guide Handout Form read

Adult Worksheet Guide Handout Form read

This post is released to help any adult who maybe considering a path to study. Adult Worksheet Guide Handout Form.

Revised May 2, 2021.

Moreover, the information you complete is your own. It is a snapshot of several studies I have found and experienced.

There is no right or wrong answer. It is a worksheet for you to consider as a guide to helping with decisions in your career.

It is designed for someone who is unplaced at the moment and looking for alternatives in life.

Moreover, if you prefer “processing work” then this is likely not for you.

Here is a portion of the worksheet below. The full page document is provided below.

Ask yourself…

Adult Worksheet Guide Handout Worksheet
Adult Worksheet Guide Handout Worksheet

Understand yourself and your current situation. Make notes in a small book and refer to it regularly.

How do I motivate myself to undertake some additional learning?

Motivation is key in dealing with your own behaviors and outcomes.

Look for ways to self-motivate into another role or position.

Consider yourself an expert in something. All learning does not require mastery of a subject.

What educational or business experience opportunity suits my goals?

Name five interests you have and determine one goal at a time.






Differentiate yourself. Be specific. Inject your personality into your output.

For example, if you are good at critical thinking – strategy then…deliver real answers or solutions.

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If you find this helpful let us know.

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