What is Multimedia? Definition Requirements and Delivery read

What is Multimedia? Definition Requirements and Delivery

What is Multimedia? Definition Requirements and Delivery read.

Here are some notes and links presenting answers to the above question and more. What is Multimedia? Definition Requirements and Delivery read.

A. Defining multimedia.

What is Multimedia? Definition Requirements and Delivery read.

1. Multimedia is any combination of digitally manipulated text, graphics, sound, animation, and video elements. Multimedia contrasts with media that use only rudimentary computer displays such as text-only or traditional forms of printed or hand-produced material.

Multimedia on the web is sound, music, videos, movies, and animations.

2. We present multimedia in many formats:
a) Virtual greeting cards.
b) Real-time conferencing.
c) Online movies and photo albums.
d) Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

e) Image catalogs and advertising clips

3. Types of multimedia:
a) Interactive multimedia
(1) The end-user controls the delivery of elements.

b) Hypermedia, an extension of the term hypertext, is a nonlinear medium of information that includes graphics, audio, video, plain text, and hyperlinks.

This designation contrasts with the broader term multimedia, which may include non-interactive linear presentations and hypermedia.

(1) The end-user can navigate between linked elements.
c) Linear multimedia. Linear Multimedia is a type of multimedia that is presented sequentially. It has a distinct beginning and end. It goes on a logical flow from a starting point to a conclusion.

(1) The end-user sits back and watches the presentation.
(2) A movie is a common type of linear multimedia.

4. Multimedia developers create multimedia. Multimedia developers are artists and designers who create interactive programs using a variety of graphics techniques.

5. The software vehicle, the messages, and the content make up a multimedia project.

6. The shipped or delivered product to consumers or end-user is a multimedia title.
The multimedia title in various forms:
(1) In a box
(2) In a sleeve
(3) Online

7. Developers create multimedia content using authoring tools. An e-learning content authoring tool is a software package that developers used to create and package e-learning content deliverables to end-users.

8. They usually present a project to the end-user using a graphical user interface (GUI).
The terms defined previously—developers, project, title, authoring tools, GUI.

B. Multimedia requirements.

1. To create multimedia, you need:
a) Creative skills.
b) Technology tools.
c) Organizational and business talent.

III. Delivering and Using Multimedia

A. Thumb Drives, Flash Drives, external drives or storage devices (older methods included – CD-ROMs, DVDs, and other multimedia).

1. Bandwidth
a) Multimedia requires a great deal of storage and transmission capacity, also called bandwidth.
B. The multimedia highway.
1. The telecommunications network.
a) The global telecommunications network provides a data highway for transmitting multimedia content.
b) In the USA, many cables that make up the data highway are owned by railways and pipeline companies.
2. Uses for this highway include:
a) Online book and magazine content.
b) Feature-length movies played at home.
c) Live news and weather reports.
d) Distance education.
e) Maps, restaurant listings, and other regional guides.

Is computer-based multimedia the next leap forward for human expression?

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