Critical Reading: Asking Questions Outline Research Paper

Critical Reading: Asking Questions Outline Research Paper

The following is an example you can use in preparing for a critical reading college based class. Critical Reading: Asking Questions Outline Research Paper. Check with your instructor if in doubt with any paper before you start writing the paper.

Critical Reading: Asking Questions Outline Research Paper
Critical Reading: Asking Questions Outline Research Paper Pixabay Image
  1. Questions to ask before you begin a close reading of a text

Questions Concerning the Author

  1. Who is the author?
  2. What are the author’s credentials?
  3. What else has the author written on the topic?
  4. What possible biases might have influenced the author’s work?

Questions Concerning the Publication

  1. In what regard is the publication held by professionals in the field?
  2. Toward what type of readership is the publication aimed?
  3. How long ago was the piece published?
  4. What, generally, is the editorial stance of the publication

Questions concerning your own views on the topic

  1. What are my beliefs?
  2. How open am I to new ideas on this topic?

2. Questions to ask while you Read or Reread the material

Questions concerning the audience of the piece

  1. What audience does the author seem to be trying to reach?
  2. What type of reader would be attracted to the author’s writing, and what type would be alienated by it?
  3. How does your sense of the text’s audience influence your reading of the piece?

Questions concerning the purpose of the piece

  1. What was the author’s purpose in writing the piece?
  2. What is the author’s thesis?
  3. Does the author successfully achieve his or her goals?

Questions concerning the content of the piece

  1. What are the author’s major assertions or findings?
  2. How does the author support these assertions or findings?

Questions concerning the organization of the piece

  1. How is the material organized?
  2. What headings and subheadings does the author provide?
  3. What does the organization of the essay tell you about the author’s view of the material?
  4. What gets stressed as a result of the organization?

Questions concerning author’s sources

  1. How does the author use other people’s ideas or findings?
  2. How credible are the sources the author uses to support his ideas or findings?

Questions concerning graphics in the piece

  1. How clear are the charts, graphs, tables, or illustrations the author provides?
  2. How well does the author explain the graphics?
  3. How well do the graphics support or explain what the author has to say?

Questions concerning your reactions and responses to the piece

  1. How do I feel about the topic, issues, or findings addressed in the reading?
  2. What is convincing? What is unclear?
  3. What ideas in the piece contradict my understanding of the topic?
  4. What ideas in the piece are new to me? Which ones do I accept and which ones do I reject?

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