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Strategic Planning – A Framework IT Systems

Strategic Planning – A Framework IT Systems 

What is Strategic planning? It is the process of identifying long-term organizational goals, strategies, and resources. Read about Strategic Planning – A Framework IT Systems

Strategic Planning - A Framework IT Systems

Strategic Planning – A Framework IT Systems

Strategic Planning Overview

SWOT analysis examines a company’s strengths (S), weaknesses (W), opportunities (O), and threats (T).


From Strategic Plans to Business Results

A Mission statement describes a company for its stakeholders and briefly states the company’s overall purpose, products (if any), services offered, and values.

Stakeholders are anyone affected by the company’s operations. A person with an interest or concern in something, especially a business.

The company identifies a set of goals that will accomplish the mission. These can change overtime.

To achieve those goals, the company develops a list of shorter-term objectives. Reviewing these goals is an important aspect overlooked by many.


A Business Example

Critical success factors are vital objectives that must be achieved for the enterprise to fulfill its mission.

Critical business issues are the key problems, opportunities, and constraints that affect and shape the firm’s decisions.  CBI: Is the case for change that will be communicated to everyone involved in the project, and potentially the entire organization. Is a threat or opportunity that is most pivotal to the success of the organization and it’s strategy.

A case for action is a summary of the project request and a specific recommendation.


The Changing Role of the IT Department

Management leadership and information technology are linked.

Systems development is more team oriented.

Although team-oriented development is the norm. However some see an IT department as a gatekeeper, responsible for screening and evaluating systems requests.


The Future

New industries, products, and services are emerging from advances in information technology, customers who expect world-class IT support, a surge in Internet-based commerce, and a global business environment that is dynamic and incredibly challenging.

Strategic Planning – A Framework for IT Systems



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