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Project Management Life Cycle Team Management

Project Management Life Cycle Team Management

Here’s a response reflecting on past experiences. Discuss team management activities at each phase. Project Management Life Cycle Team Management Lens.

Project Management Life Cycle Team Management
Project Management Life Cycle Team Management
  • Initiation Phase
  • Planning Phase
  • Delivery Phase
  • Closure Phase

My response includes experiences and thoughts regarding the four stages as a team manager. This is a general response rather than one specific project.

First stage appropriately named the Initial phase sets the scope and approval. This must include clearly defined roles for each team leader and member. However, not all participants fully embraced their roles. Several members subverted their responsibilities. Consequently, no matter how effective a project manager, if one or additional team members fail to participate in their role the effect on a team persisted as a negative experience. Communicating in various ways to alter behavior or replace the team member remained on the table.

Next, the planning phase trying to lead with encouraging communication is always a priority to a healthy work environment. Creating leads inside teams helps develop the project and the individual self-development.

Close to meeting the objective of each project is the delivery phase. Several projects took longer to develop into a respectable result. Missing deadlines happens. A proactive approach by a leader would always recognize a reason. Finding a hidden cause, whether internal or external issues can usually stand resolved with respectable communication.

The wrap up stage is the closure phase, while some projects finish others have a continuous improvement phase substituted. Time for debriefings, reporting, and analysis of the project(s). If a project concludes successfully providing rewards and closure to the team members is important. Thanking every person who participated is a simple reward. Rewards in the form of money, movie tickets, vouchers were offered to incentivize team members as part of recognizing special efforts.

Discuss any of these points or add your own to the conversation below.

Project Management Life Cycle Team Management

Source: Collaboration Tools for Project Managers Elizabeth Harrin

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