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Content Writing Course Offering Now Available

Content Writing Course Offering Now Available read
Written by Gary Norman

Content Writing Course Offering Now Available

In an online class, the experience requires the learner to be dedicated, committed, and disciplined in order to be successful. Content Writing Course Offering Now Available read.

Content Writing Course Offering Now Available read

Content Writing Course


I’m not sure if it’s for you, but this option is available for this month only, and I would hate for you to miss out


This course is project-based (in other words, there are no tests). Therefore, you simply must give the class the time it requires to complete the assignments. I do not accept late assignments. Each discussion or paper is due at 11:59 PM of the assignment deadline.

Our letter of welcome to class students….

Welcome  Content Writer.

My name is Gary Norman and I will be your instructor this semester. My Bachelors’ is in Web Technologies from the University of Alabama, and my M.S. in Interactive Technology Human Environmental Sciences.

Furthermore, we will use WordPress Learn for this course, which may be accessed through My Virtual Classes

All lessons, assignments, communications and grades will be facilitated through WordPress Learn. I use my faculty email address to communicate with you most often ([email protected]). Email me there with questions. My policy is to respond with 48 hours on weekdays, but will respond as quickly as I can.

For more details about this course watch the video below or read this now.

See our special introductory offer – limited time and places available.

Preview Lesson 1 here – for your inspection 

Order now!


Email: [email protected] This is the best way to communicate with me.
Course Deadlines – This document provides the names and deadlines for all of your assignments. Print it out and tape it to your wall!

Other Course Components

Furthermore, Lessons and Resources are pages which contain the lectures, articles, and other content for the course.

Each module is organized topically and provides all the foundational information needed for the course.

Review your lessons as well as any additional videos or articles prior to completing the discussions, assignments, or quizzes.

Please read them carefully, but feel free to seek out your own research on each topic.

Every Module has a discussion associated with it. Post and respond thoughtfully!

Moreover, these discussions are the conversations with classmates you would have in a regular classroom, if we were in that setting. Use them to converse with one another!
Assignments: Every module has an associated assignment.

Course Expectations

You have been provided with all the tools, links, instructions, videos, etc. you will need to successfully complete each assignment and this entire course. Some student expectations are as follows (but not limited to):

Review the course syllabus, course schedule, and this welcome message so that you can plan accordingly.

Review the course homepage in its entirety. Navigate the course so that you are familiar with all of the contents and various components.
Review all the lectures, links and videos provided in the course, as they are pertinent resources for your successful completion of the assignments.
Participate in the discussion activities, as they are mandatory and will count towards your class participation.
Respond to the instructor’s emails and discussions in a timely manner.
Submit course assignments on time.
Encourage and network with each other. Active collaborations are a vital part of surviving online.


Gary Norman

About the author

Gary Norman

I graduated with Masters’ Degree in Technology and Human Environments in May 2018.

“I Write to discover what I know”- Flannery O’Connor

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