Adult Learning The End of Life for Flash in education

Adult Learning The End of Life for Flash in education

Adult Learning The End of Life for Flash in education

Here is a quick snapshot of changes coming at the end of 2020 to Adobe Flash, education and e-learning environments including both business and students. Adult Learning The End of Life for Flash in education.

Adult Learning The End of Life for Flash in education
Adult Learning The End of Life for Flash in education

The following is broken into two sections. Heading one is for students, and or candidate students and the second is business leaders or executives in private and or public sectors.

As a student seeking a degree in technology as a major through college

Candidate students and online learners should be aware that Adobe Flash will stop updating and distributing the product in 2020. Why is this important to students? The reason is that the program which has been used in the production of video material will cease to operate. In simple terms, why learn a program that will become mature.

The decline stage in the product life cycle is when a product dissolves as a result of decreased or negative growth. It is a result of lower demand, which ultimately results from new inventions and technology advancements. Decline Stage of the Product Life Cycle: Examples & Overview …


Moreover, Flash is a product that has several well-reported issues not limited to lack of browser support, and security concerns. The lesson for candidate students is to look at the education source curriculum and review the subjects being taught.

Research for any decline in the product life and ask them to provide another class or seek enrolment at a school offering alternative study. Look for HTML 5 to replace Flash in a web search then match it to your school.

As a business or organization using Flash prior to the end of 2020.

Here is the news for business leaders and organizations using or teaching students using this product.

On December 31, 2020, Adobe Systems will officially stop updating and distributing Adobe Flash. Neglecting to convert Flash to HTML5 will have implications for a number of industries. Education and e-learning will experience significant technical debt from this decision.  There are a number of issues facing online courses that will need to be mapped out and risk management plans put into place. Flash to HTML5

Furthermore, solutions are being updated all the time. Do not place your intellectual property at risk.

A lot of online programs hide specific legalese in their terms of service that grant them the ownership of the content that you upload in exchange for the conversion. This happens often with online PDF converters. Flash to HTML5

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